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Pool Table Re-Felting – Our pool table services include removal of old cloth and staples, slate maintenance (chips, scratches, etc.), installation of new cloth.  We offer a variety of cloth options and can help you select the best cloth for your needs and price range.  Pricing for pool table re-felting is as follows:

– 7,8 or 9 Foot Tables – $275 + Cloth & Supplies*, Travel fees apply when over 35 miles Radius**

* – Cloth and Supplies prices will follow the current market value.

** – $1.75 added per mile

If you are finding that the pool balls aren’t rolling right, Call us in to re-level your table. Anytime a pool table is moved from its original place, or even if its structure will give with time, it will need to be re-leveled, which is one of the many services we provide.

Depending on the extent of re-leveling, our process changes:

  • In the most common situation the table could be leveled by placing specially designed shims under the legs to bring it into a leveled position

  • In case the table lost its level due to a structural change or abuse, we must access the slate mounting hardware which requires removing the rails and cloth from the slates. The table cabinet first and then the slates are adjusted, balanced, leveled and re-seamed with the appropriate seaming product.

The process to precisely re-level a pool table is straightforward but very time consuming. when performing a full re-leveling service and For a additional fee we advise to replace the billiard fabric at the same time we are re-leveling, this will mot only save some money on the felt installation but also allow your table to play at its best, allowing you to use the best of your abilities, be sure your pool table is leveled and perfect.

Contact us for a quote or consult.

If an onsite assessment is needed, a fee will be charged and if we perform work the fee will go towards the Total amount due.